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The Gillian Institute has been performing plastic surgery and skin care procedures in the Indianapolis area since the early 90ís and permanent makeup procedures since 1996.

The local permanent makeup technician for the Gillian Institute is Susan Doran, who specializes in a variety of permanent cosmetic procedures, such as lip liner/color, eyebrows, eyeliner, stretch mark camouflage, permanent makeup color corrections, and much more.

Susan is a licensed aesthetician and has over 15 years experience in the medical field. She received her permanent makeup education from the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics, in Arlington, Texas, as well as from Permark Training School.

Interested in a Procedure?
We have 2 locations to serve you.

8455 Clearvista Place
Indianapolis, Indiana 46256

5550 South East St. Suite E,
Indianapolis, In 46227

You may also reach us by phone at 317-913-3260 or by email at sdoran@indyplasticsurgery.com.



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